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Develop & implement responsive websites

To be competitive, every company needs to be present on the web. The website is suitable for both multinationals and SMEs. Depending on the company’s needs, it can choose between a basic portal version (showcase site) and a much more advanced site (e-commerce site).

Considered as the digital business card of a company, the showcase website contains a lot of information. It presents activities, services and products, describes the company and provides cyber readers with the necessary contact information to enable future customers to reach them.

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Website design and development

Digital communication agencies create professional, high quality and aesthetically pleasing web portals. These services help companies to stand out from the competition.

Graphic design & printing

The graphic design project must meet simple but essential requirements: to convince, inform, enhance, attract and retain. Successful communication involves writing, analysis, creation, design and printing.

E-marketing solutions

Thanks to e-marketing solutions, it is now possible to follow the evolution of visits and the ranking of portals on search engines. By using the statistics tool, it is possible to obtain several information on the activity of the Internet platform: number of visits and the path of the visitors.

Graphic design of your website

Working on the graphic design of a website reinforces a company’s brand image and makes browsing intuitive, like that of The presence of constant visual cues also makes it easier to read the content of the pages. The credibility and the first impression of the readers on a website depends on the quality of the graphic charter.

Position your website on search engines

The performance of a website depends on its position on the SERP results. Appearing on the first page of Google improves the visibility of the site and boosts its performance. The best strategy is to invest in SEO campaigns. This operation aims to make the site compatible with search engine algorithms.

Full SEO audit of the website

It is strongly recommended to carry out a SEO audit. This operation allows to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the web portal.

SEO strategy to adopt

The best way to succeed in your digital strategy is to use all available channels. Get maximum visibility through multiple listings.

Community management services

A web agency can offer community management services. It has the services of a web developer or a social media project manager. The social media agency uses professional marketing tools.

When looking for a freelance community manager, it is necessary to ensure that they have dual skills. It is crucial to check that the expert’s skills are suitable for your needs. When working on social media, it is important to ensure that the CM has the right editorial line and the right digital strategy. You can as well entrust your project to a community management agency.